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KIDS coping kit - 60% off today!

help your child deal with
stress, anxiety, and anger
more effectively WITH THE


Mother and Daughter Love

With these simple step-by-step downloadable exercises you will be able to help your child deal with stress, anxiety, and anger more effectively, as well as deepen your connection and relationship with them.

Buy now and get instant access!


  • Parents that want to provide the best techniques and exercises out there, to help their child better respond to stress, anxiety, and/or anger.

  • Parents who feel burned out from constantly having to put out "emotional fires".

  • Parents who want to be able to better support and connect with their child in times of overwhelm.

  • Parents who are at their breaking point, and ready for something that actually works.

What exactly does
your kit include?

  • You get 24/7 access to 20+ simple step-by-step worksheets with different techniques and exercises.

  • Vibrant, beautifully designed easy-to-read downloadable content.

  • Step-by-step guidance so you and your child have a good understanding of how to utilize the different exercises and skills.

  • Additional space for questions and notes, so you are able to reflect and track your progress.

What Can You Do With These Worksheets?

You will receive each of our worksheets as a downloadable PDF file for your own convenience.​

What you CAN do with them:

  • You can download them, and print them out.

  • You can share them with your family and friends.

  • You can use them in your weekly routines.

What you CAN'T do with them:

  • You can't resell them.

  • You can't rebrand them by replacing your logo with ours.

  • You can't modify any files or additional content.


As a mother of three energetic, passionate little humans, and certified life coach who has been helping adolescents learn how to better navigate and manage stress, anxiety, and anger for many years . . . I can tell you these proven techniques and exercises are a game changer.

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